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Beaver Lake is a private, man made lake of approximately 152 acres located in the western portion of Ware, MA. The lake is currently owned and managed by Beaver Lake Trust Inc.  Beaver Lake Club Corporation is a non-profit organization of eligible property owners whose mission is to work together with Beaver Lake Trust Inc. to preserve and protect the lake for future generations.


Beaver Lake Dam Update - September 19, 2019


Beaver Lake Dam News

2019 Volume 4 - September 19

Beaver Lake Dam News is an e-mail communication issued by the BeaverlakeCC.com website to inform website members about current news and developments related to the Beaver Lake Dam Renovation Project

It's September 19, a good two weeks since the start of the dam project, and things are moving along according to schedule! The old stop logs are gone, the temporary coffer dams on the lake and brook sides of the dam have been installed and the culvert that keeps the lake at a level to allow the work to be done in a safe and efficient manner is operating as designed (see photos below). Everything is on track with no surprises or problems slowing things down!

In speaking with the police officer stationed at the bridge, he stated folks have been understanding about the detour and they haven't encountered any issues. If passing by, feel free to say Hi to these officers; they appreciate the company!

Questions that have been heard across the community are:

Q. Is the lake going to rise any more during construction?

A. Now that all the cofferdams and culvert are in place, the lake is as high as we expect it to be for the duration of the project. To provide some assistance to folks with shallow wells, the culvert was installed a few inches higher then originally planned and a board was installed in the culvert inlet to raise the water level several inches more before allowing flow through the culvert. 

Q.  When will the project be done and the lake return back to its normal level?

A. The project timeline calls for the work to be done and cofferdams removed by mid-November.  Then the lake will be allowed to refill and rise to the levels of the new stop log assembly. No one knows how long it will take for the lake to rise to its prior (full) level, but there is a constant flow of water entering the lake which you can see flowing out the culvert on the brook side.

Q. What are those blue plastic pipes in several locations going from the shore into the lake?

A. Those are the remnants of a dry fire hydrant system installed by the lake community and the town 30 years ago. The blue pipes extended to a depth that allowed water to fill the pipe, which was connected to a dry hydrant appliance that was near the roadway (see photos below). A fire engine would connect to that appliance and then draft, or suck, the water into the truck's fire pump to be used for firefighting. Over the years, the blue pipes filled with sand and the systems couldn't be used. All but one dry hydrant appliance was removed, and that is located on the Right of Way near 29 Beaver Rd., but the blue pipes were left in place. Today, the Ware Fire Department has a tanker truck with several thousand gallons of water, along with a portable tank and large diameter hose, which allow them to respond with more water then 30 years ago, ensuring a strong response to any fire around the lake.

Q. I have heard some folks have lost their wells?

A.  Yes, currently nine households with shallow wells are experiencing a dry or very low well and have had to make arrangements for a temporary water supply and institute water conservation measures. Each household has been contacted by a member of the BLCC Board to provide information on local resources for temporary water supplies and interim measures. As the lake level rises after the project is complete, these wells should refill. If you are having a problem with your well and haven't notified BLCC already, please contact Ken Willette, kennethrwillette@gmail.com, 617-750-0111

Please do not reply to this email!  Questions? Please contact Ken Willette, kennethrwillette@gmail.com, 617-750-0111

Artesian Well Discount

Beaver Lake Dam - Shallow Wells and Construction Update

Water Over The Dam!

Beaver Lake Dam Update - September 6, 2019


Beaver Lake Dam News

2019 Volume 3 - September 6

Beaver Lake Dam News is an e-mail communication issued by the BeaverlakeCC.com website to inform website members about current news and developments related to the Beaver Lake Dam Renovation Project


It is Friday, September 6 and things are beginning to happen! All the stop logs have been removed from our dam and the lake is dropping quickly. Looking out, you can see exposed shoreline that hasn’t seen direct sunlight for who knows how long! We discovered what appears to be an old dock post that we kept stubbing our toes on, and hope to remove this once and for all!

Our contractor has advised the Town they will close the bridge a half day today (Friday 9/6) and every weekday next week (September 9,10,11,12,and 13). Closures will start when their work starts, around 7 AM and the bridge will reopen at the end of their work day, hopefully by 5 PM. Now is a good time to think about alternate routes and looking at your daily travel schedule and adjusting it for the alternate routes.

Because of expected bridge closures, the Beaver Lake Tag Sale has been rescheduled to Saturday, September 28th and Sunday , September 29th, from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. This avoids having folks searching for bargains on Friday only to find the bridge closed! Anyone interested in participating in the Tag Sale, contact Lorrie Willette, lorwil@aol.com or 413-237-3943, and let her know your address. You will get listed in the social media advertising and a lawn sign to display.

There have been increased sightings of eagles, osprey, herons, and other birds, as the lake has lowered. Check out the pair of eagles perched on Milk Jug Floating Island, which is not really an island, but a hump of organic material that collected on the bottom of the lake. As the lake dropped, it rose to the surface (along with three others), which has happened in the past. The question, where will it go from here?


Ken Willette

Beaver Lake Dam Update


Beaver Lake Dam News

2019 Volume 2 - August 23

Beaver Lake Dam News is an e-mail communication issued by the BeaverlakeCC.com website to inform website members about current news and developments related to the Beaver Lake Dam Renovation Project


Two project milestones have been achieved! An on-site preconstruction meeting was held August 13 that brought representatives from the MA Office of Dam Safety, our project engineer, our project contractor, BLTI and BLCC together to do a project review. No unforeseen issues were identified, and the green light was given to proceed. On August 22, representatives from BLTI and BLCC met and signed all paperwork required to execute the loan with Country Bank, who have been a terrific financial partner in this project! Everything is in place for the project to start September 3!

You may have noticed the depth of the lake seems to be very low. The lack of rain is one reason, but a second reason is the seepage through the existing wood stop log assembly at the dam. Take a look when you drive over the bridge and you will see the water flowing through the stop log assembly. A major part of the dam project is replacing the wood stop log assembly with an aluminum one, and this seepage will be eliminated, which will help in maintaining the lake level in a more consistent manner.

Since our last posting, here are several questions that members have asked:

Q: Will I still be able to use the lake once the project starts?

A: Yes. The lake will still be available for canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and swimming, but you will have to cross several feet of exposed lake bottom to get to the new “shoreline” to enter the lake.

Q: What about the frogs, turtles and fish, how will they do when the lake level is dropped?

A: We do not know how they will fare. There is no history of the lake being dropped to this level for us to reference. Our lake ecosystem is a healthy one and lowering the lake over a week, as opposed to all at once, it is hoped the fish, frogs, turtles and whatever else resides here can adapt until the end of November when it is projected for the seasonal level of the lake to be restored.

Q: Will there be an increase in my BLCC Dues or Dam Assessment?

A: The BLCC Board has been working to develop a financing plan that avoids raising the Club Dues or Dam Assessment and will present it to the membership at the October Annual Meeting. Look for the posting of the meeting date and time and plan to attend and vote on the 2020 budget and fee structure.

The Town of Ware has prepared a summary of projects impacting our community: please see Beaver Lake Area Town of Ware 2019 below. This will be a busy construction season around the lake and BLTI and BLCC appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding!

If you have any other questions or concerns, contact Ken Willette , 617-750-0111, kennethrwillette@gmail.com .

Navigation Bouy Update

As stated before, the navigation bouys will be removed from the lake on Tuesday August 27.  Please be aware of the boating hazards the low lake level is causing.  A floating island has popped up southwest of the small island in the middle part of the lake.  It is marked with a white bouy.  There is also very shallow water off of the point that has the small lighthouse/satellite tv antenna.  It is recommented that you stay at least 100 feet offshore there once the bouys are pulled.

BLCC Social Activities and Outboard Motor For Sale

Beaver Bytes

August 16, 2019

Beaver Bytes is an e-mail communication issued by the BeaverlakeCC.com website to inform website members about current BLCC news and upcoming events.



Labor Day Picnic, August 31, West Beach, 12:00 PM

 RSVP to Lorrie Willette, lorwil@aol.com or Sherry Pasternak, s.pasternack@verizon.net

BLCC  Community Tag Sale, Sept. 27 & 28 

BLCC will provide signs and publicize , contact Lorrie Willette, lorwil@aol.com


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