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Beaver Lake is a private, man made lake of approximately 152 acres located in the western portion of Ware, MA. The lake is currently owned and managed by Beaver Lake Trust Inc.  Beaver Lake Club Corporation is a non-profit organization of eligible property owners whose mission is to work together with Beaver Lake Trust Inc. to preserve and protect the lake for future generations.


Beaver Lake 2019 One Day Ice Fishing Derby And Ice Chef Cook-Off



Beaver Bytes

January 16, 2019

Beaver Bytes is an e-mail communication issued by the BeaverlakeCC.com website to inform website members about current BLCC news and upcoming events.

Recommended Minimum Ice Thickness
The table below shows Massachusetts Environmental Police's recommended minimum ice thickness for activities on the ice.  Please note that both BLCC and BLTI do not make any statements as to the safety of ice conditions on Beaver Lake.  Folks venturing out on to the ice do so at their own risk.  Also, BLCC/BLTI Rules and Regulations specifically exclude use of motorcycles, cars and trucks on the ice of Beaver Lake.
Beaver Lake 2019 One Day Ice Fishing Derby and Ice Chef Cook-Off
Planned for Saturday February 9, 2019  7:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Open to BLCC members and their guests.
Registration will be held on West Beach 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Entry fees: $10 for each fisherman/team member (children 12 yrs. and under free).  All entry fees will be returned as prize payouts.  Ice Chef entry fee is $10.
At registration, let the registrars know if you are entering the Ice Chef Cook-off.
Fishing prizes will be awarded depending on the total fees collected.  Entry fees collected over $75 will be awarded as either second largest fish prizes, increased largest fish prizes, or possibly largest Perch and Calico Bass prizes:
Largest Bass: Adult:  $25 or more          2nd Largest Bass: Adult: TBD
Largest Pickerel: Adult:  $25 or more     2nd Largest Pickerel: Adult: TBD
Largest Fish: Child <=12:  $25 or more  2nd Largest Fish: Child <=12: TBD
When you catch a fish you want to enter into the Derby, you take a picture of it on a yardstick/ruler with your smartphone/camera and email it to wjwilke@gmail.com (no texts will be accepted). Emailed photos must be sent from the email account that you provided at registration (team captain if fishing as a team) to ensure proper assignment of fish photos to fishermen/teams.  Please be sure to include the team/fisherman's name in the email. Submitted pictures will be posted to a BeaverLakecc.com Photo Album.
For a “fish caught by child” entry, please also include a picture of the child with the fish.
All photos must be e-mailed by noon Sunday February 10.
Ice Fishing Winners will be notified via e-mail/phone the week of 2/11/2019.
Ice Chef Cook-off: All entries must be prepared while on the ice.  BLCC judges will come by your cooking/fishing spot between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM to sample your offerings.  Prizes will be awarded @ 1:45 PM – you will be notified of the location of the awards ceremony.
Ice Chef Awards:
    First: Golden Spoon + $50 R&R Sports Gift Certificate
    Second: Silver Spoon + $35 R&R Sports Gift Certificate
    Third: Bronze Spoon + $25 R&R Sports Gift Certificate
    Fourth: Cinnamon Spoon + $20 R&R Sports Gift Certificate
    Additional prizes will be awarded based on sponsor donations.
Please contact Derby Coordinators Russ Mooney (413-537-9141 lr3cmooney@comcast.net) or Mike Cygan  (413-658-8140  mecygan@comcast.net) if you have any questions
Notes about judging/determining fish sizes:  All submitted photos will be carefully reviewed by the photo judge.  Fish lengths will be measured from the tip of the snout (with mouth closed) to the tip of the tail.  Accuracy of determining fish size will somewhat depends on the quality of the submitted photo of the fish against the yardstick/ruler.  During determination of fish length, attempts will be made to compensate for poor alignment of the fish against the zero point of the yardstick/ruler.  When multiple photos of leading judged fish lengths fall within 1/8” or less of each other, a tie for the category will be declared.
Please remember that BLCC/BLTI encourages Catch and Release of all fish caught in Beaver Lake. This includes Pickerel.
So here we go!  Hopefully the ice will get to the required 6" thickness so that we can hold the derby.

Important Update On Repair Of The Beaver Lake Dam Spillway


Beaver Lake Dam News

Volume 5 - September 27, 2018

Beaver Lake Dam News is an e-mail communication issued by the BeaverlakeCC.com website to inform website members about current news and developments related to the Beaver Lake Dam Renovation Project


After several weeks of impressive progress towards getting the repairs of the Beaver Lake Dam Spillway by T Ford underway, we have reached an 11th hour snag which will result in postponing the repairs until late summer 2019.  In brief, the Mass Department of Transportation has ordered the bridge on Old Belchertown Road to be closed.  Because of this, the Town of Ware will require the bridge on Beaver Lake Road/Babcock Tavern Road, going over the spillway, to remain open in the morning and afternoon for school buses, and also to give consideration for emergency vehicles.  T Ford has determined that such a schedule would slow down their work, creating inefficiencies and could make it difficult for them to complete the repairs before more severe winter weather would make it impossible to work.  From all discussions had today with state and local officials, it appears that all notification and permitting requirements that have already been satisfied will remain valid over the next year or more, and we believe the arrangements made for a construction loan will also remain in effect.  More details concerning this change will be available for discussion at the Beaver Lake Club annual meeting on October 21, 2018 (10 AM at Workshop 13 located at 13 Church St, Ware).  We regret to report this news which is extremely disappointing for all involved.

David Poppel


Beaver Lake Club Community Tag Sale

Beaver Bytes

September 26, 2018

Beaver Bytes is an e-mail communication issued by the BeaverlakeCC.com website to inform website members about current BLCC news and upcoming events.

Beaver Lake Club Community Tag Sale

Looks like a great weekend to come on out on Friday, Sept. 28 and Saturday, Sept. 29, for the Beaver Lake Neighborhood Tag Sale! Its taking place at these 12 addresses around the lake on Friday and Saturday from 8AM to 3 PM:

  •  Shoreline Drive: #s 76, 80, 82, 92, and 104
  • 14 Lower Cove Rd.
  • 9 Horseshoe Circle
  • 85 Beaver Rd.
  • 304 Beaver Lake Rd.
  • 8 Lower Cove Road  Saturday Only
  • 29 Beach Rd  Friday only

Good luck hunting for those bargains!

Beaver Lake Dam News - Notice Concerning Upcoming Changes To Level Of Beaver Lake


Beaver Lake Dam News

Volume 4 - September 17, 2018

Beaver Lake Dam News is an e-mail communication issued by the BeaverlakeCC.com website to inform website members about current news and developments related to the Beaver Lake Dam Renovation Project



Work to repair the Beaver Lake Dam Spillway will begin soon. T Ford, a construction company from Georgetown, MA, has been contracted to perform the work.  We now expect T Ford to get started before the end of SEPTEMBER 2018, possibly during the week of September 24th.  Financing for the project from Country Bank has been secured.  The Ware Conservation Commission approved the project at its September 12th meeting.

As has been previously described in this newsletter, among the first steps to be taken by T Ford will be placement of a cofferdam into the lake near the existing spillway and of pumps that will keep any water out of the work area.  About a week into this project, ALL the existing stop logs by which the level of the lake is controlled will be removed.  Over the following several days, the level of the lake will drop by about 3 and a half feet.  This is two to threes times the usual level of drop seen in past winters.  Depending on the contour of the ground underwater along your property, you will see your shoreline move out from its present location more so than usual.  Prior to completion of this project, expected near the end of this year, a new stop log apparatus will be installed and put to use to restore the lake to its usual winter levels.  The cofferdam and pumps will be removed. Given normal levels of winter precipitation, we expect the lake to return to normal levels come March-April 2019.

Though the date at which the project will actually start is presently an approximate one, we feel that it would be prudent to REMOVE ANY BOATS, FLOATS, RAFTS, DOCKS, etc. before OCTOBER 1, 2018 so that none are stranded “in the mud.”

Once an updated schedule, describing the entire repair process is available from T Ford, it will be distributed for informational purposes.

As you know, a representative of GEI (engineering firm that surveyed and did the plans for the spillway repair) will serve as a project manager to monitor the repairs for Beaver Lake Trust and Beaver Lake Club, assuring that the repairs proceed in a timely way and meet all requirements of the plan provided by GEI and approved by the Massachusetts Office of Dam Safety.

Questions have been raised concerning the pumps, how often they will run and some predictions concerning the level of noise they will produce.  According to T Ford, the pump(s) will be rather small, similar to those used in home basements as sump pumps.  They will be used, probably, on an intermittent basis, although continuous periods of operation are possible.  The pumps will be powered by a sound-attenuated generator that ought to be less noticeable than the standard large stand-by house generators we have around the lake.

If questions or concerns, please contact David Poppel at pop349@yahoo.com.

Upcoming Beaver Lake Club Corporation Annual Meeting and Call for Board Members

Beaver Bytes

September 14, 2018

Beaver Bytes is an e-mail communication issued by the BeaverlakeCC.com website to inform website members about current BLCC news and upcoming events.

Beaver Lake Club Corporation Annual Meeting: Sunday, October 21 at 10 AM.

All members of the club should consider taking the time to attend this important meeting.  It serves as a forum for discussing the activities of the club, choosing its leadership, reviewing its expenditures, and approving an annual budget.  It is a great opportunity for a dialogue between club members and the club’s Board of Directors – a dialogue that will shape the direction of future club activities.

In addition, as the project to repair the Beaver Lake Dam spillway should be well underway by the time of this meeting, the membership will receive an updated progress report and be allowed the opportunity to have any concerns addressed.  The ongoing funding necessary to complete the project will be discussed as well.

Finally, the meeting serves as another opportunity to meet fellow club members and serves well to introduce new members to all the dimensions of the club’s activities and purposes.

Please make an effort to attend.  Greater attendance assures greater representation of the interests of members of the lake community.  We look forward to seeing you on October 21 at Workshop 13 located at 13 Church Street in Ware.

Requesting Volunteers for the BLCC Board of Directors

Our Annual Meeting is coming up and we are in need of volunteers to step up and help the Board of Directors.  The board meets the first Wednesday of the month right here at the lake for a couple of hours.  We set the budget which is voted on at the Annual Meeting, test water quality, groom and maintain the beaches, schedule social events, liaison with the town and BLTI, take care of membership mailings and send out stickers as well as handle whatever situation occurs.

If you want to know what's happening around the the lake, this is the place to be!  This is your chance to make a difference and have input on what happens around the lake.

If you are interested in joining the board, please call Bill Lak 413-374-0978.

Updated Progress Report On Repairs to The Beaver Lake Dam Spillway


Beaver Lake Dam News

Volume 3 - August 30, 2018

Beaver Lake Dam News is an e-mail communication issued by the BeaverlakeCC.com website to inform website members about current news and developments related to the Beaver Lake Dam Renovation Project


  • The contract between Beaver Lake Trust Inc, and T Ford Co Inc, of Georgetown, MA, concerning work to be done by T Ford to repair the Beaver Lake dam spillway has been signed.  Arrangements for financing the project via a loan from Country Bank are in their final stages.  Preliminary payments to T Ford will be funded by the Beaver Lake Dam Fund, which are funds that have been collected in the form of assessments paid by the members of the Beaver Lake Club Corp, and ongoing assessments of the members will provide the funds to repay the bank loan over the next ten years.
  • This week, lake abutters should be receiving an official Notice of Intent concerning the spillway repair project.  This satisfies the official requirements of notice from state and local authorities.
  • Mr. Dan Galante, VP of T Ford, is available to keep us fully up to date on the project’s progress.  In addition, GEI Consultants will remain engaged as Project Manager—tasked with making sure the work done by T Ford accords with the design drawings approved by the Office of Dam Safety.
  • Start of the project is now expected to occur on or near to September 18, 2018.  Updated information concerning the start date will be provided as soon as it is known, since lake users will have to respond to subsequent changes in the level of the lake by any necessary actions to secure and protect their boats and other items.
  • Among the first actions to be taken, as the repairs commence, will be placement of a temporary cofferdam into the lake close to the spillway in order to allow the work area to become and remain dry as work on the spillway proceeds.  Once the cofferdam is in place, all the boards that now sit above the current outflow will be removed.  This will result in a drop of the level of the lake of a bit over 3 and a half feet.  With time, this drop in the level will be noted over the entire shoreline of Beaver Lake.  This is an unavoidable consequence of the need to protect the work area from input to the lake from rain, springs and other sources of surface and groundwater.  Once the project has reached the stage at which the new flashboard device is in place (likely early to mid December), the lake will be allowed to return to its usual winter level.
  • In a simple way, in order to visualize the effect of this change in the lake level at your location, if you have waterfront property, you could take a yard stick and either walk out or from a boat, place the yard stick into the lake.  At the point where the current depth of the water starts to overtop the yard stick, you could assume that that spot will be the “shoreline” that will exist during the time the lake level has been dropped by 3 plus feet. 
  • While there are no guarantees, Dan Galante feels that, based on prior experience, as well as general knowledge concerning how wells are supplied by surface and ground water, the wells on properties adjacent to the lake are unlikely to be adversely impacted by the lake water level drop down.
  • Please feel free to send any questions or concerns to David Poppel at pops349@yahoo.com
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