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Beaver Lake is a private, man made lake of approximately 152 acres located in the western portion of Ware, MA. The lake is currently owned and managed by Beaver Lake Trust Inc.  Beaver Lake Club Corporation is a non-profit organization of eligible property owners whose mission is to work together with Beaver Lake Trust Inc. to preserve and protect the lake for future generations.


NordicTrack Treadmill For Sale and Lake Resident Looking For A Used Pontoon Boat For Sale

Beaver Bytes

December 27, 2017

Beaver Bytes is an e-mail communication issued by the BeaverlakeCC.com website to inform website members about current BLCC news and upcoming events.

NordicTrack T 5.7 Treadmill For Sale (Model NTL61011.0)

Excellent shape!  Clean.  Runs well.   $250 or B.O.

You will need to pick it up at our house.  Bring along a couple of strong friends.

Great for those upcoming New Year's Resolutions!

Contact Mary Elkins / Valerie Turtle - 413-222-1990

Lake Resident Looking For A Used Pontoon Boat To Purchase

New lake residents Ed and Elaine Murphy are looking to purchase a used pontoon boat that is in excellent condition.
22’ – 24’ pontoon boat with a 9.9 Motor also in excellent condition.
If you are interested in selling your pontoon boat, please email elainemurphy243@hotmail.com directly with pics and price.

Upcoming Beaver Lake Seasonal and One Day Ice Fishing Derbies

Beaver Bytes

December 26, 2017

Beaver Bytes is an e-mail communication issued by the BeaverlakeCC.com website to inform website members about current BLCC news and upcoming events.

Recommended Minimum Ice Thickness
The table below shows Massachusetts Environmental Police's recommended minimum ice thickness for activities on the ice.  Please note that both BLCC and BLTI do not make any statements as to the safety of ice conditions on Beaver Lake.  Folks venturing out on to the ice do so at their own risk.  Also, BLCC/BLTI Rules and Regulations specifically exclude use of motorcycles, cars and trucks on the ice of Beaver Lake.
Beaver Lake 2018 Seasonal Ice Fishing Derby
Start Date: Saturday January 1, 2018
End: TBD - Participants will be notified via email of the derby closing day.
Derby Coordinators:
  Russ Mooney             lr3cmooney@comcast.net    413-537-9141
  Mike Cygan               mecygan@comcast.net   413-658-8140
Registration:  Registration is open now - contact Russ or Mike to register for the derby.  Registration for the derby closes on Monday January 15, 2018.  Entry fee is due upon registration.
Entry Fee:  (All registration $$$ will be returned as prize payouts)
    $25/Adult Fisherman (13 years or older)
    $10 for Child (12 years and under)
Submitting Fish Photos For Judging:
Send fish photos via email to Walter Wilke:  wjwilke@gmail.com  Entries sent via text will not be accepted.
Derby Prize Categories and Payouts  (Payouts will be determined based on the amount of the collected registration $$$)
    Adult Division (13 years or older)
    Largest Bass: TBD             2nd Largest Bass: TBD
    Largest Pickerel: TBD       2nd Largest Pickerel: TBD
    Largest Perch: TBD           Largest Calico Bass: TBD
    Child Division (12 years or under)
    Largest Bass: TBD
    Largest Pickerel: TBD
    Largest Panfish (Bluegill, Calico Bass, or Perch): TBD
Registration is open to all BLCC members and their guests (with guest passes of course!).
The BeaverLakeCC.com website has a Photo Album page setup for submitted/judged fish pictures.
Please note the following BLCC rules governing ice fishing, guests, and ATVs/Snowmobiles on the ice:
  1. BLCC/BLTI does not test the thickness of the ice.  Members and guests use it at their own risk.
  2. Members should display their BLCC issued orange ice fishing flags to help Lake Security know that you are BLCC members.  (Please contact Judie Aversa @ 413  967-4207 if you need one)
  3. Guests unaccompanied by a member must have a signed one day guest pass.  If they park on the beaches or by the sign board they should have 2 passes: one for their vehicle, which must be displayed on their dashboard, and one with them on the lake.  The guest pass should be available in order to show a member of the security team that they have permission to be on the lake. 
  4. Fires must be self-contained off of the ice and 75 ft. from shore.  All ashes and trash from be removed when you leave. 
  5. ATVs and snowmobiles may be operated between 9am and 11pm.  They must have 2 BLCC stickers. Please remember there are children playing on the ice, and people walking with their dogs on the ice so please operate your vehicles in a safe manner.
  6. Five tip-ups are allowed per person up to a total of 25 per property owner.
  7. BLCC has a catch and release policy that applies to members and guests alike.
Beaver Lake 2018 One Day Ice Fishing Derby and Ice Chef Cook-off
Sunday February 11, 2018  7:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Open to BLCC members and their guests.
Registration will be held on West Beach 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Entry fees: $10 for each fisherman/team member (children 12 yrs. and under free).  All entry fees will be returned as prize payouts.  Ice Chef entry fee is $10.
At registration, let the registrars know if you are entering the Ice Chef Cook-off.
Fishing prizes will be awarded depending on the total fees collected.  Entry fees collected over $75 will be awarded as either second largest fish prizes, increased largest fish prizes, or possibly largest Perch and Calico Bass prizes:
     Largest Bass caught by Adult:  $25 or more           2nd Largest Bass caught by Adult:  TBD
     Largest Pickerel caught by Adult:  $25 or more      2nd Largest Pickerel caught by Adult:  TBD
     Largest Fish caught by Child <=12:  $25 or more   2nd Largest Fish caught by Child <=12:  TBD
When you catch a fish you want to enter into the Derby, you take a picture of it on a yardstick/ruler with your smartphone/camera and email it to walter.wilke@gmail.com (no texts will be accepted). Emailed photos must be sent from the email account that you provided at registration (team captain if fishing as a team) to ensure proper assignment of fish photos to fishermen/teams.  Submitted pictures will be posted to a BeaverLakecc.com Photo Album.
For a “fish caught by child” entry, please also include a picture of the child with the fish.
All photos must be e-mailed by end of day Sunday February 11.
Ice Fishing Winners will be notified via e-mail/phone the week of 2/12/2018.
Ice Chef Cook-off: All entries must be prepared while on the ice.  BLCC judges will come by your cooking/fishing spot between Noon and 1:00 PM to sample your offering.  Prizes will be awarded @ 1:30 – you will be notified of the location of the awards ceremony.
Ice Chef Awards:
    First: Golden Spoon Award and a Cast Iron Skillet
    Second: Silver Spoon Award and a 6” Lamson & Goodnow Chef Knife
    Third: Bronze Spoon Award and a 4” Lamson & Goodnow Chef Knife
    Fourth: Cinnamon Spoon Award and a Lamson & Goodnow Paring Knife
Please contact Derby Coordinators Russ Mooney (413-537-9141 lr3cmooney@comcast.net) or Mike Cygan  (413-658-8140  mecygan@comcast.net) if you have any questions
Notes about judging/determining fish sizes:  All submitted photos will be carefully reviewed by the photo judge.  Fish lengths will be measured from the tip of the snout (with mouth closed) to the tip of the tail.  Accuracy of determining fish size will somewhat depends on the quality of the submitted photo of the fish against the yardstick/ruler.  During determination of fish length, attempts will be made to compensate for poor alignment of the fish against the zero point of the yardstick/ruler.  When multiple photos of leading judged fish lengths fall within 1/8” or less of each other, a tie for the category will be declared.
Please remember that BLCC/BLTI encourages Catch and Release of all fish caught in Beaver Lake. This includes Pickerel.
So here we go!  Hopefully it will be a good fishing season this year out on the ice.

Member Access Test

Test of Member only access to attachments:

2017 BLTI Annual Report

Dam Spillway Safety Design

Reminder: BLCC Annual Meeting Sunday October 22 10:00 AM

This Beaver Bytes is a reminder about the upcoming BLCC Annual Meeting that is scheduled for Sunday, October 22, 10:00 AM at Workshop 13, 13 Church Street in Ware, MA.

This meeting provides a good opportunity for BLCC members to meet with their BLCC Board of Directors to voice their opinions and cast votes on important BLCC business.  (Please note: you must be a current BLCC member to attend.)

Here are some important business items that will be transacted at the meeting:

  • Beaver Lake Trust Inc. will be presenting a comprehensive 10 slide presentation on the progress and status of the Dam renovation project - very informative
  • BLCC will present, discuss, and set the Club's 2018 budget.
  • BLCC will present, discuss, and set Club dues and assessments for 2018
  • Election of the BLCC Board of Directors for 2018

As specified in the By-Laws of Beaver Lake Club Corporation, a quorum of 25 BLCC member households must be present in order to proceed with the meeting.  With a current total of 193 households as BLCC members, we should be able to get 25 to attend this meeting.  The Board is counting on BLCC members attending so we can meet the quorum requirement.

Please plan on being present for this important meeting and participating in BLCC discussions and business decisions.  There will be plenty of hot coffee/tea and morning snacks.  The Board's goal is to conduct the meeting quickly and efficiently to allow attending members to be free to enjoy their Sunday afternoon.

See you there...

Beaver Lake Lady Golfers

Beaver Bytes

September 12, 2017

Beaver Bytes is an e-mail communication issued by the BeaverlakeCC.com website to inform website members about current BLCC news and upcoming events.

Calling all Lady Golfers!


Are you interested in playing nine holes of golf during the day? 

Fall is perfect for getting together and sharing fun times on the links. 

First 2:00 tee time is on Monday, September 18 at Cold Springs Country Club. 

Days and times can vary depending on what works for everyone.

Please email me at daf.47@comcast.net. if you are interested. Please reply by Sunday so I can let the club know.

See you on the tee,

Deb Foley-Donn

Beaver Lake Labor Day Picnic - West Beach - Saturday September 2 at Noon

Beaver Bytes

August 30, 2017

Beaver Bytes is an e-mail communication issued by the BeaverlakeCC.com website to inform website members about current BLCC news and upcoming events.

Beaver Lake Labor Day Picnic

Just a reminder…if you’re interested in attending the Labor Day weekend picnic on West Beach this Saturday, September 2nd at noon, please email Lorrie Willette at lorwil@aol.com, or call 413-237-3943. This will help with the purchase of hamburgs and hot dogs, water, etc. Please bring a side dish or dessert to share, and a chair or blanket. It’s been a beautiful summer at Beaver Lake…come share a picnic with your neighbors, and meet some new ones, too!

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