BLCC Board of Directors

The thirteen member BLCC Board of Directors are elected by ballot by BLCC Members at the BLCC Annual Meeting which is held on the third Saturday of each October.  A Board member term is four years.  Committee Chairs and members are appointed by the Board.  As described in the By-Laws of Beaver Lake Club Corporation, Article IX – Officers, Section 8, currently sitting board members may choose to extend their term for an additional year if the number of elected board members drops below 13 and the Board of Directors approves their extension.

2019 to 2020 BLCC Board & Committee Chairs

Kathy Cronin, 413-364-8285 -

Conservation Chairperson, Beach, Liaison Chairperson, Security

Larry Donn, 413-967-5222 -

     Vice President, Beach Chairperson, Security Chairperson, Weed Control Chairperson & BLTI At Large Board Member

Bill Lak, 413-967-7223 -

Chairman (non voting), Bylaws Chairperson, Beachs/Boats, Right of Ways

Claudia Messier, 413-427-8434 -

     Nominating Chairperson, Beachs/Boats, Social, Right of Ways

Ellen Missale, 413-427-8422 -

     Membership Chairperson, Security, Beachs/Boats

Russ Mooney, 413-537-9141 -

Louis H. Healy, Jr. Memorial Scholarship, Sports Chairperson, Security

Jim O’Mara, 508-726-8048 -

     Technology Chairperson

Kim Otis, 413-427-6024 -

     Beach/Boats, Conservation, Right of Ways Chairperson

Jay Pasternack,413-335-3546 -


(Marie) Barbara Ray, 413-967-3969 -

Treasurer, Membership, Clerk, BLTI Board Member

Carlin Trietsch, 413-237-3967 -

Louis H. Healy, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Chairperson

Ken Willette, 617-750-0111 -

PresidentBLTI Board Member

Lorrie Willette413-237-3943 -

Social Chairperson

 Non-BLCC Board of Directors Committee Members

Mike Cygan413-277-9518 & Cell 413-658-8140 -


Nancy Dunn, 413-967-0992 -

Recording Secretary

Jim Nickerson, 978-434-1674 -

   Finace and Budget, Right of Ways

David Poppel, 413-530-3815 -

Legal Chairperson, BLTI At Large Board Member

Mel and Kelsey Whitham, 401-222-9423 / 801-599-9203 - /

    Beaver Tales Newsletter Editors

Walter Wilke, 413-967-7094 - Webmaster, Sports, Membership