Beaver Lake 2020 One Day Ice Fishing Derby And Ice Chef Cook-Off


Beaver Bytes

December 10, 2019

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Recommended Minimum Ice Thickness
The table below shows Massachusetts Environmental Police's recommended minimum ice thickness for activities on the ice.  Please note that both BLCC and BLTI do not make any statements as to the safety of ice conditions on Beaver Lake.  Folks venturing out on to the ice do so at their own risk.  Also, BLCC/BLTI Rules and Regulations specifically exclude use of motorcycles, cars and trucks on the ice of Beaver Lake.

Beaver Lake 2020 One Day Ice Fishing Derby and Ice Chef Cook-Off
Planned for Saturday February 8, 2020  7:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Ice thickness will be monitored in the days leading up to the event. In the event of a postponement, the derby will be rescheduled when conditions allow.  Watch for Beaver Bytes Newsletters in early February for derby go/no-go status and or event rescheduling.
Open to BLCC members and their guests.
NEW this year!  We are encouraging pre-registration for the derby by mail. Pre-registrations should be submitted and pre-paid using the form attached below by Feb 1st, 2020.  The entry fee is $10.00 per angler, and $10.00 for Ice Chef entrants. Any youth 12 or under is free.  Registrations submitted prior to Feb. 1 will be entered into a lottery to win a $25 gift certificate.  Please complete your registration form, make checks payable to Mike Cygan, and mail them to Mike Cygan, 350 Monson Turnpike Road Ware, Ma 01082.  Please reflect in the memo “BLCC Ice Fishing 2020”.  There will also be a registration held on West Beach from 7-9AM on the day of the derby.  Fees for registering on this day will be $15 per angler and $15 for Ice Chef (youth 12 and under still free).  All entry fees will be returned as prize payouts
Fishing prizes will be awarded depending on the total fees collected.  Entry fees collected over $75 will be awarded as either second largest fish prizes, increased largest fish prizes, or possibly largest Perch and Calico Bass prizes:
Largest Bass: Adult:  $25 or more          2nd Largest Bass: Adult: TBD
Largest Pickerel: Adult:  $25 or more     2nd Largest Pickerel: Adult: TBD
Largest Fish: Child <=12:  $25 or more  2nd Largest Fish: Child <=12: TBD
When you catch a fish you want to enter into the Derby, you take a picture of it on a yardstick/ruler with your smartphone/camera and email it to (texts will not be accepted). Emailed photos must be sent from the email account that you provided at registration (team captain if fishing as a team) to ensure proper assignment of fish photos to fishermen/teams.  Please be sure to include the first and last name of the person who caught the fish in the email.
For a “fish caught by child” entry, please also include a picture of the child with the fish.
All photos must be e-mailed by noon Sunday February 9.

Ice Fishing Winners will be notified via e-mail/phone once the judging is complete..

Ice Chef Cook-off: All entries must be prepared while on the ice.  BLCC judges will come by your cooking/fishing spot between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM to sample your offerings.  Judges will start at the south end of the lake and work their way north.  Prizes will be awarded @ 1:45 PM – you will be notified of the location of the awards ceremony.

Ice Chef Awards:

    First: Golden Spoon - Prize: TBD based on the Ice Chef entry fees collected.
    Second: Silver Spoon - Prize: TBD based on the Ice Chef entry fees collected.
    Third: Bronze Spoon - Prize: TBD based on the Ice Chef entry fees collected.
    Fourth: Cinnamon Spoon - Prize: TBD based on the Ice Chef entry fees collected.
    Additional prizes will be awarded based on sponsor donations.
Please contact Derby Coordinators Russ Mooney (413-537-9141 or Mike Cygan  (413-658-8140 if you have any questions
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
It takes a fair amount of work to run this event as it has grown over the past few years.  We especially need help with judging the Ice Chef competition.  Past entries include crawfish etouffee, venison many ways, pheasant bites, and oysters on the half-shell & shrimp.  How bad can being a judge be?  We also need help with registration from 7-9AM.  Come on out!  It is a fun day to be where the action is.  Call Russ or Mike and let them know you're in.
Notes about judging/determining fish sizes:  All submitted photos will be carefully reviewed by the photo judge.  Fish lengths will be measured from the tip of the snout (with mouth closed) to the tip of the tail.  Accuracy of determining fish size will somewhat depends on the quality of the submitted photo of the fish against the yardstick/ruler.  During determination of fish length, attempts will be made to compensate for poor alignment of the fish against the zero point of the yardstick/ruler.  When multiple photos of leading judged fish lengths fall within 1/8” or less of each other, a tie for the category will be declared.
Please remember that BLCC/BLTI encourages Catch and Release of all fish caught in Beaver Lake. This includes Pickerel.
So here we go!  Hopefully the ice will get to the required 6" thickness so that we can hold the derby.
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