Beaver Lake Community Food Drive – Early Vote October 17 – November 3

Beaver Bytes

October 15, 2020

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Beaver Lake Community Food Drive

The October Beaver Lake Community Food Drive to benefit the Jubilee Food Pantry in Ware will coincide with the Commonwealth’s early voting period!  As you are thinking about the issues and the politicians…. Think about the needy in our community as well!

Beginning on Saturday October 17 (the first day of early voting!), you can drop off any and all donations of food at 92 Shoreline Drive.  The Jubilee Food Pantry has been a source of aid and comfort to the people of Ware during these difficult times and we have been a reliable partner. 

So, combine your efforts this election year…. Couple your vote with giving a helping hand and donate food on the same day you vote (or any day before November 3).  The garage will be open with tables set up to drop off your donations.  

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