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October 2, 2020

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Beaver Lake Service Directory

This Beaver Bytes provides an update to the Beaver Lake Service Directory article that appeared in the October 2020 Beaver Tales Newsletter. 

Do you provide a service you would like to share with your fellow members?

Do you provide a professional service like electrical work or plumbing work?

Do you want to offer services like babysitting, childcare, yard work, pet careā€¦?

We are putting together a service directory for our members who would like to offer their services to the Beaver Lake community.  This is a great way to let your neighbors know what you have to offer.  We will include the list in Beaver Tales to inform the membership.

Here are a few sample services:

Yard Work

Odd Jobs



Pet Care



Child Care


Snow Shoveling

Snow Plowing

House Painting

House Cleaning

Swimming Lessons


Boating Lessons

Boat/Raft/Dock Launch/Removal

Septic Service

Music Lessons

Tree Work

Outboard Motor Service

If you would like to offer your service, please send me an email:

Please include your name, address, phone number, age (if minor, please provide parental approval), the type of service you are offering, and if you are a professional or not.

I am bringing this list back with a tip of the hat to Chris Nosel who started it.

Bill Lak

Please do not reply to this email as the sending account is not actively monitored.  Please direct any queries or comments to the appropriate BLCC Board member.