Corrected Watercraft Sticker Date and Upcoming Tag Sale

Beaver Bytes

June 10, 2018

Beaver Bytes is an e-mail communication issued by the website to inform website members about current BLCC news and upcoming events.

Corrected Watercraft Sticker Date - Must be Applied by June 1

In the previous Beaver Byte sent out on June 8, it was incorrectly stated that watercarft stickers must be applied by July 1.  That is incorrect - the stickers must be applied by June 1.  Here is the corrected statement:

All BLCC boat stickers have been delivered to those who paid their 2018-19 membership fee.  Stickers must be on all watercraft by June 1, including watercraft on Beaver Lake beaches and easments/rights of way.  Watercraft on the beaches and easments/rights of way after June 1 with old stickers or no stickers may be removed and their owner notified where to pick them up.

After June1, the Club security committee will be checking watercraft on the Lake for current stickers.  If they see one without a current sticker, they will advise the operator of the sticker requirements and Club policies. The assistance of all who wish to enjoy the benefits of our lake community is requested to ensure you have paid your 2018-19 membership fees and display  two 2018-19 green BLCC stickers on your watercraft; one on each side. If you need to obtain new stickers, please contact Jude Aversa,, 413-967-4207.

Horseshoe Circle Tag Sale

There will be a tag sale at 5 Horseshoe Circle on Saturday, June 16, from 9 - 4 as part of the town wide Tag Sale.