Dam Good News!


Beaver Lake Dam News

2019 Volume 5 - October 12

Beaver Lake Dam News is an e-mail communication issued by the BeaverlakeCC.com website to inform website members about current news and developments related to the Beaver Lake Dam Renovation Project

On Friday, Oct. 11, a project update meeting was held at the dam, attended by T Ford (contractor), GEI (project engineer), MA Office of Dam Safety, BLTI, and BLCC. T Ford reported that they have made excellent progress and are planning to have the stop log assembly installed and the temporary coffer dams/culvert removed, allowing the lake to begin refilling as soon as Friday, October 18.  Time to finish up those waterfront cleanup projects before the lake level starts rising!

As with any project, plans may need to be altered as situations arise, but let's all cross our fingers (and toes) that the remaining work goes as T Ford expects!

Here is a photo from the bridge over the dam. You can see the framework for the stop log assembly installed in the concrete walls and the temporary culvert is draining onto the spillway and not on the other side of the bridge.

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