Nuisance Aquatic Plant Treatment Thursday August 9th and Water Bikes For Sale

Beaver Bytes

August 4, 2018

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Beaver Lake Nuisance Aquatic Plant Treatment on Thursday August 9th

Beaver Lake will be treated for floating and shoreline vegetation on August 9th.

Please Note: Water turbulence created by boat traffic will prevent this treatment from being effective.  It is imperative that boat traffic be curtailed on Thursday August 9 to ensure a successful and cost effective treatment - all boats MUST NOT be out on the lake on the 9th.

Two Barracuda Water Bikes For Sale

These units are about 10’ long and 4’ wide.  They are two separate units.  They can hold two people and are very stable in the water.  You can stand up on them and they will not tip over.  They are driven by a folding propeller that lets them glide when you stop pedaling.  They originally sold for $1,699 each.

Price: $400 each

Seller Name: Jim Nickerson

Contact: 978-434-1674 or