Upcoming Floating Vegetation Treatment, Jubilee Food Cupboard Thank You, and Abandoned Watercraft & Items

Beaver Bytes

July 24, 2020

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Upcoming Floating Vegetation Treatment
BLCC is planning to treat floating vegetation (lillies and watershield) in the lake during the 2nd weekend of August.  Any one who wants the water in front of their property treated needs to email larrydonn2008@yahoo.com ASAP.

Jubilee Food Cupboard of Ware - Thanks for Your Support

David and I offer a heartfelt THANK YOU to all the BLCC community who donated such a substantial amount of food and diapers to the Jubilee Cupboard Food Drive for the month of July! Your continued generosity helps the Jubilee Cupboard to assist those in the Ware community who need this support.

Cheryl Vaugh, Director of the Jubilee Cupboard, was so thrilled to receive two carloads with a wide variety of food choices.  Please see her attached Thank Your letter.  We hope to keep this BLCC food drive going once a month for the foreseeable future!
Our next collection will begin on Monday, August 17th, to 79 Beaver Road with delivery to Jubilee Cupboard on Wednesday, August 26th. We will send a reminder in mid August.  Every donation makes a difference.
Thank you again!
Deborah and David Poppel

Notice of Intent to Dispose of Abandoned Watercraft and Items

During the Beach Clean Up Day, several watercraft and other items were located that appear to have been abandoned for several years and are without current BLCC stickers. Attempts to locate the owners have not been successful. Please refer to the attached document for guidance on how to claim these items. If not claimed by August 1, the BLCC Board at its August 5th meeting will consider them as abandoned and dispose of them in accordance with Article 10 of the Rules and Regulations.

Contact Ken Willette, kennethrwillette@gmail.com, 617-750-0111, with any questions.


Please do not reply to this email as the sending account is not actively monitored.  Please direct any queries or comments to the appropriate BLCC Board member.

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