Beaver Lake Dam - Shallow Wells and Construction Update

Great progress is being made on installing the temporary coffer dam, completion expected by Wednesday, September 11. As part of this temporary dam, a 36 inch culvert will be installed to allow water to flow through the structure in a controlled manner and keep the work area as dry as possible. The lake is now as low as it should get and once the temporary dam and culvert are installed, it is possible we might see a rise in the level of the lake, but that is not definite and we do not know how long it would take.

We have heard of several families whose shallow wells have either dried up or are extremely low. If you have a shallow well, we encourage you to check it and if it seems low, begin conserving water and using it for essential activities until the lake begins to rise. To help develop a historical record of this project, let Ken Willette know if you are having a problem with your shallow well so we can we keep this information for future reference.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed the lake begins to rise!

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Ken Willette
President BLCC