About BLCC

Beaver Lake Club Corporation (BLCC) is a non-profit corporation, and is the foundation on which the Club was created by means of Beaver Lake, Inc.'s master deed Protective Covenants and Restrictions #17. It is filed with the Department of Corporations and Taxation and The Secretary of the Commonwealth, and is not subject to change.

The purposes for which the Beaver Lake Club Corporation is formed are as follows:

"The encouragement of recreation and athletics and of outdoor sports and pastime among the several members of the Corporation; the preservation and maintenance of public areas such as roads, parks, picnic areas, lake shore land and lakes, now or hereafter owned by the Corporation; the enjoyment of rational and social amusements, the playing of tennis, bowling, swimming, fishing and other lawful games; the cultivation of ability in aquatic sports and, if and when necessary, the establishment and maintenance of a club, clubhouse, grounds and accommodations as the members may require; the enforcement of such rules, regulations, restrictions, and conditions of the Corporation and of others as may be necessary or conducive to the other purposes of the Corporation. This club is not organized for business purposes, nor pecuniary profit, and no part of the net earnings thereof, if any there be, shall inure exclusively to the benefit of the club strictly as an athletic, social and sporting organization; but for the purpose aforesaid, this Corporation may acquire and hold real estate and buildings for the preservation of the same in the area where the members of the club individually own land and adequate for its use."