Beaver Lake Beach Use Guidelines

Beaver Bytes

May 22, 2020

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Looks like this weekend will be a great start to the summer! As a member of the Beaver Lake Community Club, you have access to our wonderful lake and beaches, but those come with a responsibility to use them respectfully and, this year, in compliance with recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Gov. Baker.

The sign below will be posted at all three beaches and parking areas. These guidelines are for the safety of our community and your compliance with each of them is requested.

BLCC has ordered a portable restroom for only the West Beach, but it may not be delivered until next week. It will be cleaned daily and deep cleaned weekly. If you visit West Beach, you are encouraged to bring hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes for your own use and to supplement the hand sanitizer in the portable restroom.

The picnic tables have been removed.

Here are some reminders about standing BLCC Policies and Beach Etiquette that remain in effect:

  • You must be a member in good standing of BLCC to access the lake and beaches for any purpose, boating, swimming, tubing; you name it!
  • No dogs allowed on the beaches and approach areas surrounding beaches.
  • There are no trash receptacles, it is “You carried it in, please carry it out”.
  • Kayak racks are first come, first served, and should not be climbed on.
  • Last one to leave the West Beach parking lot, please close and lock the gate.
  • Blue, 2020 Stickers must be on vehicles and watercraft by June 1.

Lastly, this Saturday, several BLCC Board members will be in the middle of the lake working with a SCUBA diver to try and remove submerged trees whose branches stick up and are just below the water’s surface. These present a very real danger to kids and adults jumping off boats to swim. If they cannot be removed, the area will be marked by hazard buoys and a notice sent to the community.

On behalf of the BLCC Board, thank you for your continued support, especially during these challenging times. We are on track to meet our membership goal and the Community was very generous with donations of food and funds for the Jubilee Food Cupboard. As restrictions on public gatherings ease, our social programs will resume. As I have said to many people, “If I have to stay home to stay safe, Beaver Lake is the place to do it!”

Now, more than ever, your respect of our community & the lake by following the basic guidelines and etiquette outlined here Is needed. Thank you for your compliance and continued support!

Ken Willette

Please do not reply to this email as the sending account is not actively monitored.  Please direct any queries or comments to the appropriate BLCC Board member.