Beaver Lake Club Assistance For The Jubilee Food Cupboard

Beaver Bytes

May 6, 2019

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Beaver Lake Club Corporation Food Drive To Assist The Jubilee Food Cupboard Of Ware, Massachusetts

The Jubilee Cupboard, an affiliated ministry of Ware’s Trinity Episcopal Church, provides monthly food assistance and is open Thursdays from 9:00am until noon.  Last year it served over 800 individuals and families by giving out more than 91,000 pounds of food.

According to Cheryl Vaugh, Executive Director of the Food Cupboard, at present, the COVID pandemic and its consequences have limited the capacities of the usual sources from which the Food Cupboard typically obtains its food supplies, and also is presenting a new problem, given school closures, namely, children at home for a greater part of the day and in need of snacks and lunches. The annual Letter Carriers Food Drive, in prior years, a major source of local donations (typically, 60-80 cases of canned goods and 40 flats of boxed goods) cannot take place this year. Thus, the Food Cupboard and the members of our community whom it serves are facing a serious challenge, RIGHT NOW.

The overall need, at present, that would supplement the resources available to the Food Cupboard from its regular suppliers can be addressed by donations of Canned Prepared Foods, such as chili, baked beans, Chef Boyardee type pasta meals, stews, soups, Hamburger Helper type products, and, also, for Kids’ Snacks, things like fruit cups, granola bars, trail mix, peanut butter and jam/jelly.   These are the most sought-after items in view of current limitations in the supply chain. Bread, Instant Oatmeal, and Other Boxed Cereals would be helpful, as well.

Given the option, the Cupboard would prefer smaller individual cans and boxes, to allow more widespread distribution. So, for example, a flat of a dozen small cans is preferable to, say, four large cans.  Larger quantities might be available for purchase at places like Costco or BJ’s, though they also may have limited supplies available.  So even if you see a limited quantity of the items for which you are looking at your usual grocery stores or even in your own cupboards, consider passing those along to the Food Cupboard.

To facilitate the actual delivery of supplies to the Cupboard, we ask that any donations be brought to 79 Beaver Rd on the lake (Poppels’) from which bulk deliveries will be made to the Food Cupboard.  We hope to make a delivery to the Cupboard before Thursday, May 14, so please try to drop off your donations before that date.

  • The garage door will be open during the day with a table set up inside
  • There will be cards and boxes on the table to separate food by categories
  • Please place foods in the appropriate boxes
  • If you have any spare boxes, we could use them for deliveries to the Cupboard, so please leave them under the table
  • There will be a signup sheet for anyone willing to help with deliveries
  • If any questions, or you need to set up a different time for food drop-offs, please call us at 413 262-1715 (Deborah) or 413 530-3815 (David) or email

If a cash donation would be preferable for you, please make your checks payable to the Jubilee Food Cupboard and mail to Jubilee Cupboard, P.O. Box 447, Ware, MA 01082.  The Trinity Episcopal Church also runs a Diaper Bank that would welcome your contributions of diapers or cash (checks made out separately to the Jubilee Diaper Bank).

Thanks, and bless your hearts.

Here is the Shopping List:

Canned Prepared Foods:

  • Chili or Stews
  • Pasta Meals
  • Hamburger Helper
  • Soups


  • Granola Bars/ Tail Mix
  • Fruit Cups

Peanut Butter/Jam/Jelly


Cereals/Instant Oatmeal

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