Beaver Lake Dam Update - September 6, 2019


Beaver Lake Dam News

2019 Volume 3 - September 6

Beaver Lake Dam News is an e-mail communication issued by the website to inform website members about current news and developments related to the Beaver Lake Dam Renovation Project


It is Friday, September 6 and things are beginning to happen! All the stop logs have been removed from our dam and the lake is dropping quickly. Looking out, you can see exposed shoreline that hasn’t seen direct sunlight for who knows how long! We discovered what appears to be an old dock post that we kept stubbing our toes on, and hope to remove this once and for all!

Our contractor has advised the Town they will close the bridge a half day today (Friday 9/6) and every weekday next week (September 9,10,11,12,and 13). Closures will start when their work starts, around 7 AM and the bridge will reopen at the end of their work day, hopefully by 5 PM. Now is a good time to think about alternate routes and looking at your daily travel schedule and adjusting it for the alternate routes.

Because of expected bridge closures, the Beaver Lake Tag Sale has been rescheduled to Saturday, September 28th and Sunday , September 29th, from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. This avoids having folks searching for bargains on Friday only to find the bridge closed! Anyone interested in participating in the Tag Sale, contact Lorrie Willette, or 413-237-3943, and let her know your address. You will get listed in the social media advertising and a lawn sign to display.

There have been increased sightings of eagles, osprey, herons, and other birds, as the lake has lowered. Check out the pair of eagles perched on Milk Jug Floating Island, which is not really an island, but a hump of organic material that collected on the bottom of the lake. As the lake dropped, it rose to the surface (along with three others), which has happened in the past. The question, where will it go from here?


Ken Willette