BLCC Membership Renewal

Beaver Bytes

January 25, 2021

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BLCC Membership Renewal

Hopefully you have received your BLCC membership renewal/joining packet* for 2021. We wish to thank our BLCC members in advance who plan to promptly renew their membership and new folks who will be joining BLCC. Your support is what makes our association strong. Renewing your membership before the May 1 deadline allows us to properly plan for the needs of the upcoming lake and beach season. The renewal fees for 2021 remain the same - $175 for the annual membership and the dam assessment fee of $200 for waterfront property, and $150 for non-waterfront property. Proper stewardship and oversight by the BLCC Board of Directors have enabled these fees to remain constant for several years.

Thank you also to those who plan to include an extra donation to the Lou Healy Scholarship and/or the Beach/Weed Funds. This not only helps to keep our maintenance dues low but allows Beaver Lake graduating students to apply for and receive needed funds as they head to college in the fall.

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have questions about your 2021 BLCC renewal.

*Please note that there was an error in the Membership Renewal packet that needs clarifying. This year, all BLCC members will receive vehicle stickers (free of charge) in order to park at East or West beaches. Parking is NOT permitted at the rights-of-ways. “The ROW’s are for emergency use and common passage by all members and are not to be obstructed at any time in any manner by watercraft, vehicles, etc., unless specific permission is granted by Beaver Lake, Inc.” (Article 10, BLCC/BLTI Rules and Regulations). 

Ellen Missale, Membership Chair

413.427.8422 or

Please do not reply to this email as the sending account is not actively monitored.  Please direct any queries or comments to the appropriate BLCC Board member.