Unidentified Watercraft On West Beach and Jubilee Food Cupboard Update

Beaver Bytes

December 5, 2020

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Unidentified Watercraft

We are searching for the owners of these two non-stickered watercraft that have appeared on West Beach. The owners are asked to either request 2020 stickers (you must be a BLCC member in good standing) in order for the craft to remain on the beach, or remove them from the beach by MondayDecember 28, 2020. After December 21, we will consider them abandoned and they will be removed from the beach and disposed of (in accordance with BLCC Rules and Regulations, #10). Please call or text Ellen Missale, Membership Chairperson, at 413-427-8422, or email at ejmissale@aol.com

Jubilee Food Cupboard Update

Just a quick reminder that the Jubilee Food Cupboard collection is still going on until December 8th. Thank you to all who continue to support this incredible community service. Your kindness and support help so many people to feed their families as we head into a very difficult time of the COVID pandemic.

Please remain healthy and safe!

Many thanks,

Deb and David Poppel

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