Update: Beaver Lake Club Assistance For The Jubilee Food Cupboard

Beaver Bytes

May 11, 2020

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 Beaver Lake Club Assistance For The Jubilee Food Cupboard

We have had a great response to BLCC's assistance for the Jubilee Food Cupboard with many food dropoffs over the last five days.  We are planning to speak with the Jubilee Food Cupboard today to coordinate delivery hoping to have the Beaver Lake community's donated food there by Thursday’s opening hour for distribution.

If you are interested in donating to this great cause, there is still a little time left to do so before we make our delivery to the Food Cupboard.  Here is a reminder of the types of donations they are looking for:

"Donations of Canned Prepared Foods, such as chili, baked beans, Chef Boyardee type pasta meals, stews, soups, Hamburger Helper type products, and, also, for Kids’ Snacks, things like fruit cups, granola bars, trail mix, peanut butter and jam/jelly.   These are the most sought-after items in view of current limitations in the supply chain. Bread, Instant Oatmeal, and Other Boxed Cereals would be helpful, as well."

"The Trinity Episcopal Church also runs a Diaper Bank that would welcome your contributions of diapers."

Donations can be brought to 79 Beaver Rd on the lake (Poppels’).  The garage door will be open during the day with a table set up inside to receive donations.

BLCC thanks Deborah & David Poppel for coordinating this worthy effort!

Please do not reply to this email.  Please direct any queries or comments to the appropriate BLCC Board member.